The Australian Maritime Museum

July 2, 2019

  • More than a logo, the new identity comes alive in animation

Working closely with Frost* Design, we helped the Australian Maritime Museum shape their tone of voice to unlock the spirit of adventure at the heart of their new brand.

The ocean has always played a vital role in the Australian story. Yet for many, maritime museums mean just one thing – boats. With such a diverse events program and range of exhibits, the Australian Maritime Museum knew the time was right to create a more compelling experience brand that shared their passion for the sea, while inviting visitors to rethink their own relationship with it.

The Frost* team developed a bold new positioning and visual identity based around the idea of ‘the spirit of adventure’. We developed a tone of voice platform and guidelines that make it easier for the marketing team to consistently capture this spirit in communications, contributing to more engaging, immersive experiences for guests.

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