Niche Lane

Pull-up buffalo leather is considered one of the best materials for bag making. Strong, yet soft, it develops character over time as the oils move around inside the skin. It can also mark easily. Our brief was to position the line in a way that educated the audience on the leather's virtue, while making them comfortable with the idea of future imperfections. With the line 'Carry your stories, cherish your scars', we opened up the idea of a life companion that reflects the owner, and invited celebration of the defining moments that make us who we are. Something the bag will serve as a life-long reminder of. This idea was also carried across to Pinterest, where short-form character vignettes were brought to life with close up shots of scars and marks on bags in the range, each capturing a moment in time.

June 6, 2015

Independent UK bag designers Niche Lane needed some fresh web copy and a positioning line for their high-grade buffalo leather range, that develops character over time.

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